Tony Snow Dies Following Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer (opinion)

Sunday, July 13, 2008
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) To anyone keeping count, the number of high-profile personalities and celebrities dying while under the care of conventional doctors and oncologists is truly staggering. Some of the more notable deaths in recent memory include actor Heath Ledger's death following the consumption of doctor-prescribed medications, CNBC anchor Tim Russert's death while on cardiovascular medications, and even Anna Nicole Smith's death caused by a lethal combination of FDA-approved prescription medications.

Now, former White House press secretary Tony Snow has died at the young age of 53 following chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer. For reasons we will never know, Tony Snow chose the chemotherapy route in an attempt to treat his colon cancer, subjecting his body to systemic poisons that all the evidence shows produce absolutely no improvement in the five-year survival rate of colon cancer patients. And depending on the type of tumor, chemotherapy can actually accelerate the death of patients, killing them far more quickly than if they had done nothing(1).

As usual, the mainstream media is reporting that Tony Snow "died from cancer," refusing to even consider the possibility that it was the highly-toxic chemotherapy treatment that actually ended his life. I find it fascinating that the media remains unable to consider the possibility that people are killed by chemotherapy, especially when iatrogenic deaths (physician-caused fatalities) now top 780,000 Americans each year (2).

Colon cancer is easily cured with plant-based medicines

Sadly, Mr. Snow was apparently unaware that colon cancer is rather easily cured with plant-based medicines. By avoiding toxic chemicals, animal products and dangerous prescription medications while switching to a nutrient-dense diet of raw, living green juices from fresh vegetables, virtually anyone can reverse colon cancer (unless, of course, they've already gone through chemotherapy, which causes permanent damage to their immune system).

Fresh vegetable juices are absolutely loaded with anti-cancer phytonutrients: Broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, celery and even citrus fruits and berries have such powerful anti-cancer properties that Big Pharma's highly toxic chemicals, by comparison, don't even compare ( Had Tony Snow adopted a raw, vegan diet and engaged in high-volume vegetable juicing immediately upon learning of his colon cancer diagnosis, I have no doubt he would still be alive today.

At the very least, his chances of survival would have dramatically improved. And if he had combined those dietary changes with high-dose vitamin D intake (, and the consumption of powerful anti-cancer herbs like Reishi mushroom ( or Cat's Claw (, his chance of a complete recovery could have been very high, indeed.

From verbal poison to pharmaceutical poison...

Then again, it's hard to imagine someone who defended the Bush Administration actually embracing Mother Nature. Perhaps Tony Snow died the same way he lived: Steeped in lies and deception, fronting for a gang of criminals who brought death, suffering, fear and tyranny to an entire nation.

That Tony Snow would die of poison is a cruel metaphor for a man who used his own words as poison, implanting misinformation in the minds of media consumers while his bosses waged war against reason and truth (on topics like global warming, the invasion of Iraq, the Bill of Rights and many others).

I wish Tony Snow had embraced Mother Nature, cured his cancer, awakened to the real world and gone on to write a scathing book about the dark secrets of the Bush Administration. But instead, he is now dead, having maintained his loyalty to Big Pharma just as the Bush Administration has... even, perhaps, to his own death.

You reap what you sow, folks. Karma happens. And when you put your faith in Big Pharma's poisons, you are taking great risks with your own life. Tony Snow will certainly not be the last person to die following toxic chemotherapy treatments, but he is perhaps one of the best examples of what happens when you live a life steeped in poison.

The president of the American Medical Association has pancreatic cancer

In related news, the president of the AMA was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He, too, has chosen to undergo toxic chemotherapy treatment, meaning he will in all likelihood share Tony Snow's fate. Chemotherapy kills so many people that in any reasonable society, it would have been outlawed long ago -- like mercury treatments, radiation pills for energy and other forms of quackery that have since been abandoned.

Chemotherapy is quackery, too, and those who choose to poison their own bodies with extremely toxic synthetic chemicals are blindly following nothing more than the lies and deceptions of the cancer industry (which preys upon consumers, invoking fear to convert human beings into corporate profits).

People who die from chemotherapy are, in fact, collectively winning the Darwin Award. To poison your own body with dangerous chemicals isn't "medicine" or "treatment." It's not courageous or considered. It's just plain stupid. As is most of modern medicine.

Stabbing your eye with a fork is stupid. X-raying your feet to see if your shoes fit is stupid. Drinking mercury to cure "evil spirits" is stupid. And shooting up your veins with extremely toxic chemicals is stupid, too. Oncologists can wear the costumes of doctors; they can speak a high-brow-sounding language of technical jargon; they can even be licensed by the State; but in the end, they are just as stupid as a guy who bungie jumps off a bridge with cord wrapped around his neck. (Bungie jumping has far fewer fatalities than chemotherapy, by the way...)

In Tony Snow's case, the media is gushing all over itself to sing the praises of this person merely for the fact that he expired. What kind of accomplishment is that? Anybody can die. This is not an extraordinary act, especially if the best years of your life were spent promoting an evil regime. Although I wish Tony Snow's soul well in realms beyond this one, let's make no mistake about what he was here: A front man for a criminal White House that has murdered millions in the Middle East, that has unleashed weapons of mass destruction (depleted uranium) in foreign lands, that has mortgaged the financial future of Americans by driving our nation into an economic crisis, and that has habitually lied to the People on almost every point that matters: Protecting the environment, WMDs, going to war, 9/11 and much more.

In choosing to defend and promote this criminal administration, Tony Snow should earn absolutely no respect from any person interested in truth, justice, freedom and compassion for fellow human beings.

Merely expiring is not, all by itself, worthy of honor

It's silly to honor someone just because they've died. What matters is what they did when they lived. Would you honor Hitler at his grave? Of course not. People like Hitler deserve condemnation long after they've passed away. So what about Hitler press secretary? Does that person deserve honor upon passing, or is scorn more appropriate?

I believe that enablers of dangerous criminals are, themselves, guilty for their own roles in promoting, protecting or advancing the agendas of those criminals. Is President Bush a dangerous criminal? Without question his administration is largely run by criminals who are guilty of many crimes: Violating the U.S. Constitution, supporting torture in secret war prisons, conducting illegal surveillance on U.S. citizens, protecting deadly corporations that are killing millions of people (like Big Pharma) and much more. Tony Snow was a key enabler for these criminals, and for that he deserves only condemnation, not praise. His tombstone should read, "Here lies" and that's it.

A man earns respect and admiration for the way he conducts himself in life, not merely for expiring after holding a pompous-sounding title. When carefully considering what Tony Snow supported and defended, it becomes clear that Mr. Snow's actions with the Bush Administration make him something far less than honorable. That society sees fit to heap praise upon this individual merely for the fact that he has died seems quite ridiculous.

There are far better souls who have expired and received no recognition whatsoever: The midwife who delivered 500 healthy babies without drugs, the mentor who helped an inner-city kid escape a life of violence and poverty, the natural healer who inspired patients to take up exercise and healthy dietary changes, the international peace organization volunteers who bring medical supplies to war-torn regions around the world, the Big Pharma whistleblower who blows the lid on a global scandal...

These people deserve recognition, for they accomplished things that benefit humankind and help preserve the future of life on our planet.

What, I ask you, did Tony Snow ever do to benefit humankind? I can't think of a single thing. In fact, his actions actually went a long way towards deceiving humankind.

I don't believe in a literal place called Hell, but from listening to some of George Bush's religious comments, it's pretty clear that he does. And that means he and Tony Snow will someday be meeting there in a new, fiery briefing room. Maybe Tony Snow can serve as the press secretary for Satan himself!

In Lord of the Rings, by the way, Tony Snow's character archetype would have been Wormtongue:


Report on death of Tim Russert:

Report on death of Heath Ledger:

(1) Confirmation of deficient mismatch repair (dMMR) as a predictive marker for lack of benefit from 5-FU based chemotherapy in stage II and III colon cancer (CC): a pooled molecular reanalysis of randomized chemotherapy trials. (D. J. Sargent, S. Marsoni, S. N. Thibodeau, et al.)

(2) Death by Medicine, Dr. Gary Null, et al.

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