What You Can Do About Diabetes-Related Fungal Infections

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 by: Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
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(NaturalNews) Diabetes mellitus is a metabolism-related disorder that results in elevated levels of blood sugar. There are three main types of diabetes -- Type I, Type II and gestational. Diabetes is caused by the decreased production of insulin by the pancreas or inadequate use of produced insulin. The risk factors for diabetes mellitus can be particularly high if you are prone to a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, premature aging, unhealthy diet, family history of diabetes, improper functioning of the pancreas, minority race, stress, certain medications including cortisone and drugs for hypertension, and previously diagnosed gestational diabetes.

Some common symptoms of Type I diabetes are frequent urination, extreme hunger, increased thirst, extreme fatigue, unexplained weight loss, irritability, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. Type II diabetes can be identified by symptoms like constant craving of sugars, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, unusual drowsiness, tingling or numbness in the feet, cramping, dry itchy skin, frequent skin or vaginal infections and slow-healing sores.

What are the complications?

Diabetes can affect almost all body parts including eyes, kidneys, feet, joints, nerves, heart and skin. Chronic diabetes can give rise to several life-threatening complications such as increased risk of developing bone and joint disease, stroke, nervous system disorder, infection of the respiratory system, kidney disease, hypertension, heart disease and visual impairment and loss of digits or limbs.

Other long-term complications arising from diabetes are:

* Digestive problems

* Skin problems

* Sexual dysfunction

* Tooth and gum disease

Diabetes may remain unnoticed for many years until these complications manifest themselves. That is why diabetes is known as the 'Silent Killer'.

Fungal infections in diabetes

Diabetes can give rise to several skin conditions, including bacterial infections such as sties, boils and carbuncles; fungal infections such as Candidiasis; and dry, itchy skin. High glucose levels in the blood can enhance the growth of fungi and skin is the flourishing site for it. Tinea pedis occurring between the toes and sometimes the fingers is most frequently caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum. Candida albicans is another common fungus that causes skin infections and it most commonly affects the vaginal and groin areas.

Three other common fungal infections are athlete's foot (affecting the skin between the toes), jock itch (red, itchy area on the genitals as well as inside of the thighs) and ringworm (ring-shaped, itchy, scaly patches or blisters that can appear on groin, feet, abdomen, chest and scalp or nails). Itching, blistering, swelling and dry flaky skin or severe scaling are the common symptoms of fungal infections.

Candidiasis due to diabetes

Candida albicans, which is a normal inhabitant in the throat, mouth, genitourinary tract and intestine, is an opportunistic type of yeast. It may become pathogenic because of a disturbance in the balance of normal flora. Due to elevated levels of blood sugar in diabetes, Candida albicans may shift from yeast to an invading mycelial fungal form. Candida infections are found most commonly in the mouth (thrush), on the nails (onychomycosis), around the nails, under the breasts, between the fingers and toes (tinea pedis), in the corners of the mouth, in the armpits and groin, under the foreskin and in the vagina. Candidiasis leads to itchy, bright red rashes that are usually surrounded by small scales and blisters.

Treatment for fungal infections in diabetes

Good skin care is essential for dealing with skin problems and fungal infections in diabetes. You should keep the skin clean and dry, specially the skin folds areas. If your skin is excessively dry, then keep it hydrated and moisturized.

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pH Plus works synergistically with proper supplements that offers appropriate balance of alkalinity and acidity within your body.

Mega Greens plus MSM is a unique powerful concentrated formulation of 34 organically grown vegetables, and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM). These alkaline ingredients can help maintain pH balance of the body along with providing anti-oxidants, plant proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and your 5 to 7 servings of vegetables.

Metabolic Rx capsules is a combination of glandular tissues, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes, herbs and antioxidants. This unique formula helps to support and improve the functioning of the pancreas and also helps regulate the blood sugar levels.

Gluco Solution Drops is a natural formula of detox liquid colloid, which helps to detoxify pancreas and other organs. It helps regulate insulin production and maintain adequate blood sugar levels. This combined with Metabolic Rx is a natural solution to help with symptoms of Type II diabetes.

Nature's Oil for Nails a natural formula for nail fungus. Nature's Oil for Nails starts with Jojoba Oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural immune stimulant with powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. The minerals copper, chromium oxide green and magnesium dioxide are added to penetrate deep into the nail infection and provide a revolutionary solution in maintaining the health of your nails.

About the author

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. has specialized in Integrative Medicine for over twenty years, using conventional and natural methods to determine and discover the "root of the cause" in her clinic, Center for New Medicine in Irvine, California, each and every day. Many people come in to the clinic from all over the world with severe chronic illnesses that conventional medical protocols have been unsuccessful treating. She realized early on that she can truly change lives through education as well as treatment protocols.
Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. and her medical staff strives to look at the whole person while exploring the effects and relationships among nutrition, psychological and social factors, environmental effects and personal attunement. Out of frustration of trying to find the right products to help her patients she formulated the perfectlyhealthy brand of products. All perfectlyhealthy products are clinically tested. For more information on recommended products, please visit www.perfectlyhealthy.net or www.perfectlyhealthy.com.

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