Dr. Gabriel Cousens Speaks About the Six Foundations and Achieving Prana

Saturday, April 19, 2008 by: Kevin Gianni
Tags: Prana, health news, Natural News

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(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Raw Summit Teleseminar program which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Dr. Gabriel Cousens shares important information on the Six Foundations and knowing God.

Raw Summit Excerpt with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, inductee in the National Football Hall of Fame, Founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Patagonia, Arizona and spiritual and medical healer.

Kevin: Right. You talked about Six Foundations. I know living foods is one of them, correct?

Gabriel: Living foods and spiritual fasting is one, especially the spiritual fast where we're meditating twice a day, we're doing Kali Ray Tri yoga which is a very high prana yoga that supports the Kundalini. Okay...

Kevin: Um hum.

Gabriel: Once we get past the spiritual fasting and the live food, the second foundation is building prana in general...

Kevin: Um hum.

Gabriel: ...and that includes like all yogas, but we like the Kali Ray Tri yoga and it includes pranayama breathing exercises. It maybe T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, sacred dance, all of them are great. They all build the prana. Third is service and charity because when you're in service, you feel a heart connection to the world.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: Fourth is spiritual inspiration, that's with a teacher, with a general group or a specific group whatever. Read the great scriptures and be inspired by them. There is a course I teach called the Zero Point which is the Western Jnana Yoga, the yoga of the mind which is very important. And then also being in nature can be very important. Those are all really good. Next is silence, meditation, prayer, mantra repetition, and chanting and the sixth is the awakening of the Kundalini known as the shaktipat.

Gabriel Here was empowered by his teacher, he had two teachers, meaning they both have left their bodies. So I looked at it and it empowered me to awaken the Kundalini. So you do all those things and those are the Six Foundations that nourish the unfolding of the Kundalini when it ultimately takes into merging in the crown and chakra and you experience the oneness that we were meant to be.

Kevin: When you talk about building prana, what do you ultimately think is the purpose of that?

Gabriel: Well from my point of view, in my book Spiritual Nutrition, we look at the Six Foundations. I'm going to answer your question a little bit sideways, okay?

Kevin: Great.

Gabriel: The Six Foundations have two purposes. They are not spiritual practices. They are a lifestyle to be lead. Okay? You are not going anywhere. You are just living a lifestyle that quiets the mind and builds the vessels to hold the increased prana or energy. Okay?

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: So, now as we build those vessels to hold the prana, what does prana do? Prana moves the Kundalini to the system. It builds the life, the spiritual life force energy and in that way eventually purifies the whole system, that's why we're building the prana, and then eventually when it is purified it merges in the sahasrara chakra. Now that's the idea. Think about it this way, when you start the Kundalini oasis, the fire under the log. It smokes, it sputters, you know it smells.

Kevin: Uh hum.

Gabriel: But eventually the fire is going and you keep burning and putting wind on the fire, right?

Kevin: Yes.

Gabriel: The wind is prana. It keeps the fire going which is the Kundalini and eventually that log, which was impure and so forth and so on become sacred ash and then the prana or wind comes and blows it away and all is left is pure being. That's how the prana works.

Kevin: Got you. When... so you're saying it's just not enough to cleanse with just living food?

Gabriel: It's enough to do it if that's what you want in your life.

Kevin: Got you.

Gabriel: But at this point of life, from Gabriel's point of view here is to know God, is to merge with God. Well it just depends on what you want. Many people want to remain in the live food lifestyle or in life, it's enough. Hey look, I can feel healthy, I got more energy, I got more sexual energy, I can do more things, and that's enough for them. What Gabriel has brought into the live-food movement is... let's extend this a little bit to the purpose of life which is to know God. If you are interested, this is what we are doing and what we've done with the book's conscious eating, spiritual nutrition. Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine has looked at all the, let's say, potholes on the road so that everybody will be successful on 80% to 100% live foods. That is basically what we are saying.

Kevin: Uh hum. What happens when you know God?

Gabriel: Say it again, when you know God?

Kevin: Yes. What happens?

Gabriel: You heard me talking in the third person. When you know God, there is no "you" left.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: There is only that and so you are what we call the body, mind, I am complex disappears and you will understand you're a central nature which is that.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: And there is no you, there's no I there.

Kevin: So...

Gabriel: You become a third person in the sense and you're whole perception of
the world changes and you feel the essential unity of who you are, the essential love of who we are, and you feel what we call non-causal love.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: And there's non-causal peace, non-causal joy, and non-causal contentment and that's nothing. It's not a yoga practice. It is just something that happens. It's also your natural emotions and it's a deep feeling of peace that goes on in you; that deep unity awareness. That's what happens.

Kevin: And...

Gabriel: Roughly speaking, more than that happens.

Kevin: Now how do you function? Maybe, how do you function in a world where most people don't have that experience?

Gabriel: Better.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: Why? Because when you know the deep truth, you are much more balanced in your everyday life. You are not getting stuck on all the small things of life and you have more energy and clarity to be able to deal with the endless complications of being a human being in our complex, terror ridden
society. So you function better. You have more joy. You're more turned on to life. It's like you are experiencing life as the expression of the Divine and all life becomes a Divine service or sacrifice into the Divine. Well it's a very turn on way to live. It's very true. It's basically a complete, ongoing, concrete experience. We are not talking just sexuality. We are talking about the whole world being the arrows of the Divine radiating right in you, you know radiating and you are just
radiating with it. It's a very different way to live.

Kevin: How do you go about your day? How do you start and then move through it? I mean there must be - there's obviously a spiritual practice through how you go through the day. Can you explain them?

Gabriel: Really good. You go through the day just like everybody else. The only difference is that you're experience of the day is different.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: It's like the Divine unfolded in front of you all the time. It's like it is a
wonder med. Its like, "Oh my goodness, this is what's going on, isn't this beautiful?" And you are feeling the love, and even when you're really, really busy you're still feeling it on the inside. There's like, for Gabriel it's like a hollow space that's at the core which where the nothing resides and out of the nothing comes that love and compassion and its like "Whoa! This is really deep." You know like life is like a, "Oh my goodness! This is incredible." So you go through the day very turned on.

Kevin: Wow and as you're doing those things, things like stress and things like everyday things that have to go on, you still do them yes?

Gabriel: Well I mean you can actually handle more. Your capacity to handle the external stress is magnified because you're in that inner bliss and you're not spaced out. I mean Gabriel here is writing books, giving talks, doing interviews like this, running to the center as an active physician or holistic physician. All these things are going on. A grandfather, you know? Time to do, you know still doing whatever, jumping in the chaplain, doing your yoga, and everything is a turn on. But you are able to actually do more because you are so turned on.

Kevin: Got you. Now that you've found where you are now, where this place is of knowing God, what is the mission now? Is there a drive or no?

Gabriel: Very interesting question. If you... like you understand immediately that you're never going anywhere.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: Okay. It's like as King Salmon said in his book, you know in his writings, "Vanity of vanities, everything under the sun is for naught, all that counts is to know God." Now when you get that that's what's going on, then everything becomes a celebration of the divine and everything becomes
an essence, a sacrifice, and an offering into the divine.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: Alright. So that's the turn on, you see? So whatever your doing doesn't matter.

Kevin: Wow!

Gabriel: You've got to keep that in mind, it doesn't matter.

Kevin: Wow!

Gabriel: Now here's the tip. It is really weird okay?

Kevin: Yes.

Gabriel: But at the same time, you know usually at that level, you know you are more aligned with the will of God and so you are in service and so you're guided.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: At expression of the Divine or rather than your dream or your, you know vision. There's nothing of you in there anymore. And so you're just in service so you can work, you know sometimes you can work really hard. You're not laying back. There are times when that's going to happen but you know, there are times in service that you're just in service and that's it. It doesn't really matter.

Kevin: So you don't do anymore based on what your outcome is that's kind of given to you.

Gabriel: Exactly. The outcome is you're living a life.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: And you truly aren't going anywhere. And you know it's hard because people see, Gabriel would show it right now at these days and Gabriel's life here is like, he's working really hard, you know at time hours and so forth, but knowing deep down it isn't about that. It's just that is a part of the sacrifice of the law of God as it's unfolding and in tradition we say, guru palpa. The world is the guru.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: All your experiences deepen your understanding because just you wake up and you're liberated doesn't mean you're done. You're just beginning the next evolutionary step whereas Kundalinis are major evolutionary step, being liberated is a major evolutionary step that is just the next phase and that keeps going. There is no stopping here. See what I mean?

Kevin: Yes.

Gabriel: It's a constant unfolding with more and more surrender into the will and you simply are the offering. You're not offering something, you are the offering. You're being lived by love and you're being lived by liberation. It's just living you, your not living it.

Kevin: Wow.

Gabriel: And the live food turns you into a super conductor of the Divine.

Kevin: How?

Gabriel: Let's say the subtle physiology of that, what happens is you have the -- what we call in India is 72,000 nadis which are the subtle nervous system and three of those are the three main ones, and then there's the main one called the Shushumna, okay?

Kevin: Yes.

Gabriel: And when you're on live foods you minimize the toxicity of the system, I mean, obviously being off dairy and flesh food, which basically have the energy of the culture of death and misery in them, and pain, and suffering and all the pesticides and herbicides. When you are eating live foods, you're getting the life force of the whole living planet. And you bite into, you know live food whatever, then you're biting into the living planet. That's pretty electrifying when you think about it.

Kevin: Okay.

Gabriel: And you're feeling all that's involved and in a deep way, even the act of eating when you're doing it and I'm going to mention... we've been talking yoga, but I'm going to switch to kabbalah for a moment. When you bless the food before and after, in kabbalah we bless it afterwards as well, you create the cycle of not only the living planet, but with all the angels; this is more esoteric and is what goes on. And in the kabbalistic teachings there are souls in the rock. There are four levels of life. Rock sprouting, plant life, higher is the animal life, and human life. Okay? And you're releasing souls that have transmigrated backwards into the plants or moving forward and when you're conscious enough, when you're chewing the food you're creating a release of those souls to go to higher levels. I mean every move you're making is an offering. Okay? Everything you're doing, you're turned on and when you're eating live food you don't have the toxins coming because obviously live food is more connected to organic and you don't have any of the clogs in nadi such as dairy and the issues of the vibrations of death, then you become more and more pure, right? So the energy
moves to you more directly and you become resonant with not only the living planet, but with the cosmos; in that way you become a super conductor for the Divine.

To read the rest of this transcript as well as access 14 different raw food experts just like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, please visit ( .

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