Amazon Herb Company earns top recommendation: Top distributors and products listed

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)
Tags: Amazon Herb Company, Amazon herbs, rainforest herbs

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I have been a strong advocate of the Amazon Herb Co. for several years now. This is a top-notch direct sales company that specializes in high-potency rainforest botanicals (herbs from the Amazon) and personal care products that are actually good for your skin. (See a more complete list later in this article.) The company even makes an outstanding "green home" cleaning product called Clean & Green that's so healthy, you can actually drink it! No kidding. Don't try that with your antibacterial soap unless you have your local poison center on speed dial.

The Amazon Herb Company's outstanding product lineup, combined with the leadership and stellar ethics of "Amazon" John Easterling, the company founder, earns the Amazon Herb a five-star recommendation from yours truly. There is no herbal products company that I'm more impressed with than the Amazon Herb Company.

And these products are phenomenal. In my personal opinion, these products can undeniably bring people back from the brink of death due to degenerative disease. To say that they can prevent cancer, help reverse diabetes, reduce hypertension, detoxify the body, protect the nervous system and even help reverse heart disease is no exaggeration in my opinion. Those may be claims the company can never make, due to FDA censorship and intimidation tactics, but the FDA can't stop me from tell the truth about these products. I'm immune to such censorship tactics.

Why can't I be censored? Because I'm not a distributor of the Amazon Herb Company. In order to maintain my neutrality, I don't have any financial stake in the company, and I earn nothing from the sales of their products. I've never been paid anything to recommend their products, either.

Why I use the Amazon Herb Co. products

Even though I'm not a distributor, I am a regular customer. I use their products daily: Everything from Aquazon (a blue-green algae formula) to Recovazon (a combination of natural rainforest medicines that I believe greatly accelerates healing and recovery from physical exertion).

Each time I write about the Amazon Herb Company, readers ask me how they can get involved. Who do they call? Where do they order? Until now, I didn't have the answers, because I didn't want to favor any particular distributor, so I just sent people to the Amazon Herb website without any kind of support from an existing distributor.

This turned out to be less than ideal, as many people were joining the company and getting involved, but without the very important support of the experienced veterans of the organization -- people who know the ropes, know the products, and can help new distributors achieve early success.

So now, I've put together a list of the top distributors of the Amazon Herb Company, and I'm sharing it for the benefit of readers who want to get involved (either as a customer or a distributor) or who want to connect with someone who is already very successful within the organization.

I've met many of these people, and I include comments where relevant. These Amazon Herb leaders are listed in no particular order, so don't think that their position on this list implies any particular degree of accomplishment. If you're trying to decide which one to contact, I suggest you visit their listed websites and see who you connect with most, then contact them directly.

Finally, this list is not endorsed by the Amazon Herb Company, and it is in no way a comprehensive list of qualified Amazon Herb distributors. There may be other top achievers that deserve to be listed here who I simply haven't learned of yet. If you know of any, please let me know through our feedback form. Also, keep in mind the geographic location of these distributors doesn't really matter, so it's not listed.

Recommended distributors

Luke Krcil
Extremely intelligent, creative and compassionate. Knows the products top to bottom, and is a genius in working with people.

Terry Pezzi
Blessed with a huge heart and a deep love for her fellow human beings. Terry is a miracle worker who can teach you not only about medicinal herbs, but probably even a little about yourself.

Joy von Skepsgardh
A true professional, with outstanding entrepreneurial skills. Joy seems to have unlimited energy and is very successful at teaching others how to be successful.

Dr. Dave Eldredge

Garren Fagaragan
Garren is an extremely kind, compassionate person who is also highly knowledgeable about the Amazon Herb product line.

Jens Zimmerman (Europe)
+49 (0) 451 / 70 74 94 70

Wenty Hill
A highly energetic, contagiously optimistic person. You'll love her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Bonnie and Robert Butwin
A highly successful couple dedicated to having fun and helping others succeed.

Michael and Lucy Mazes

Kosa Ely

Richard Cicchetti

Ron Bond

Judy Taylor

Do you know someone who deserves to be added to this list? Contact us through our feedback form and let us know! We will update this page as new information becomes available.

Note: Nobody paid to be listed here. But you probably already figured that out. :-)

Top Amazon Herb products recommended by Mike

Okay, so now that you know who to contact, you might wonder which products to get.

First off, I recommend everyone buy some Clean & Green. Stop using that toxic store-bought cleaner loaded with cancer-causing chemicals. Clean your kitchen, bathroom and home with Amazon herbs, and you'll do your liver a favor! And if you have children, this is even more important.

Next, for all the women reading, if you want some seriously good skin care products made only with wholesome, healthful ingredients, don't miss the Lluvia skin care line. The Camu C serum is my favorite product is this category, and I've found it actually accelerates the healing of skin wounds (scrapes and the like), too.

The Amazon Herb nutrition products are simply astonishing in their potency, application and value. One of my favorites is the Pure Camu product, made of pure camu camu powder from the Amazon rainforest.

I'll tell you a secret about camu. Camu camu is the highest natural source of vitamin C in the world. And it's not just one isolated chemical (ascorbic acid), it's the full symphony of protective antioxidants. My research on this herb, based in part of the works of Dr. James Duke, leads me to the conclusion that camu camu crosses the blood-brain barrier and offers extraordinary protection to the nervous system. There is no question in my mind that this product can drastically reduce eye disorders, including macular degeneration, as well as protect the brain and nervous system from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

But don't take my word for it. Get some Pure Camu yourself and you'll immediately feel the difference. Almost everyone reports feeling clearer, brighter and happier within seconds after drinking it.

With all the good vibes happening, don't stop there! Continue with one of my all-time favorite products, Treasure Tea. Have a warm cup in the morning and it will change your day for the better.

For those who are stressed out during the workday (and who isn't?), I strongly recommend Calmazon. I keep a secret stash on my own vitamin shelf. And Amazon John has seen my vitamin shelf in person, and he will confirm it is, indeed, an entire cabinet of nutritional supplements. What I did, actually, is I bought seven large CD storage towers, then modified them to hold vitamin bottles and herbal tincture bottles. I personally own more nutritional supplements than you see at many vitamin shops... odd, but true. Some people collect lift tickets, I collect nutritional supplements.

Continuing with the product recommendations, I'm a huge fan of Recovazon, a product I consider to be a miracle healing medicine. I've used it to speed recovery after sports injuries and heavy training sessions. I also use it any time I feel I'm fighting a cold or flu. The taste is wicked at first, but this is no candy-flavored junk medicine. This is real medicine provided by nature, right from the Amazon. If it tastes like roots, vines and sap, that's because that's what's in it! Trust me, you'll get used to the taste if you use it as often as I do.

There are many other top-notch products that deserve a mention. Check 'em out here. Some people absolutely love the Chocamaca (bite-sized chocolate balls, made with real cacao from the Amazon), and with all the incredible health research on chocolate emerging these days, it's no wonder. See the NaturalNews chocolate page to learn more.

I don't personally eat the Chocamaca product because it's made with evaporated cane juice, which is just a bit too high on the glycemic scale for my personal taste. But if you're craving chocolate, these Chocamaca balls sure beat the typical "plastic chocolate" candy bars at the grocery store. If you're gonna eat chocolate, at least eat the real thing! (I actually buy raw cacao nibs from Nature's First Law and grind those up in a chocolate shake with avocados and almond milk, but that's just me.)

Oh yes, by the way, the Amazon Herb Company also sells stevia. It's my favorite sweetener of all time, and I eat stevia daily. The FDA still refuses to declare stevia as a safe ingredient for foods (imagine that, and yet aspartame remains legal...), but it's legal as a nutritional supplement. You can get it here.

Note: The links provided above go to Terry Pezzi's web site.

Bottom line on the Amazon Herb Company

You won't find a nicer bunch of people, nor a better lineup of products, than the folks in the Amazon Herb Company. If I wasn't writing about this company, I would have joined as a distributor long ago. This company does it all right: Business ethics, sustainable business models, preserving the culture and ecosystems of indigenous tribes, helping improve the health of customers, helping distributors earn a living doing something they love... the good news just keep on rolling. This company is the opposite of Enron, and if more Fortune 500 firms operated with half the heart of the Amazon Herb Co., our country wouldn't be in such a mess today.

If you want to heal yourself, help heal the planet, help share the good news with others and make an honest living at the same time, I strongly encourage you to check out this company and contact one of the distributors listed above (or the person who already introduced you to the company, if that's the case).

And if you're looking to simply be a customer like me, enjoy the products! We are truly blessed in the world today to be able to have access to products like these. Nothing from the world of pharmaceuticals even comes close to the genuine healing ability of these Amazon Herb products. Nothing!

Oh, by the way, I understand the company is getting ready to expand into new countries, so even if you're not in a represented country right now, you may want to keep in touch with these people to find out when your country gets the green light.

Keep up the healing, folks. It's up to us! If we don't join together and heal this planet, nobody will. And the Amazon Herb Company is an outstanding channel for planetary healing.

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